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Winter 2014



            Vol.11,Issue 2                                Winter 2014


       2014 is coming to an end, but don’t finish out the year without being aware of all of the great things happening at Spring Down Equestrian Center!! Our very popular Holiday Camps will be up and running soon, so sign your child up NOW to secure a spot.

Week 1: Dec. 22,23,24,26

Week 2: Dec. 29,30,31, Jan2

There will be no camp on either Christmas Day, or New Years Day.

Carol Goodstein will also offer two of her most popular clinics one more time this year: “Switch it Up”, and “Hunt Seat Equitation.” Come ride with Carol to expand your knowledge about riding. Equitation is the foundation of exemplary riding, and necessary for jumping, as well as perhaps riding in drill team. Riding different horses will always teach you a myriad of skills—it is one of the best ways to improve your riding ability.

Hunt Seat Equitation: December 24th

Switch it Up: January 2nd

Visit our website:



Spring Down hosts four horse shows a year. Carol Goodstein, Spring Down’s CEO, will always consider it extremely important to be able to provide her clients the opportunity to participate in quality horse shows for a reasonable price. Doing four shows a year also affords people the opportunity to ride and show different horses—and as we all know, we learn something unique in regard to horsemanship and riding technique from each and every horse we ride. Spring Down would like to reach out to our local horse community as well—because we do not put our shows on solely for our SD clients!! Our shows are open to everyone—so even if you are not a SD client, come ride in one of our four fun, fabulous, and family friendly horse shows!!

Congratulations to the High Point winners at the September and December shows!!!!!


Begiinner Reserve: Sarah Massoudi

Junior Advanced: Julia Ford

Senior Advanced: Justine Efcavitch


Beginner: Tilly Newland

Junior Advanced Reserve: Michelle Morfin

Senior Advanced: Sarah Griner

Reserve (tied): Allison Conrad and Rachael Howard

      Spring Down also took a contingent of riders to the SMCHA show at the Horse

Park in August. All the riders did extremely well, and lots of fun was had by all. We will

plan to go to one or two outside shows in 2015 as well, so if you are interested, you

must be an intermediate/advanced rider with some good showing experience already at

Spring Down. You must also get the approval of your instructor, and that of Carol

Goodstein as well.


So have you wondered why some folks win ribbons in the flat classes and others don’t? A lot depends on the category of class in which you are entered. In any flat class that is an EQUITATION class, the judge is looking primarily at the rider’s position and technique. Some of the things the judge will consider are the following: having your eyes up and looking ahead, having your shoulders back, a good posture with a straight back, elbows at your sides, palms facing each other with thumbs up, fingers closed on the reins, seat in the center of the saddle, heels down, and a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your heel. Also, it is very important to be on the correct posting diagonal, or the correct canter lead, b/c that is critical for the balance of the horse and rider. In the HUNTER UNDER SADDLE classes, the judge is primarily judging the horse’s movements and manners. The rider’s equitation is important here because it will influence the way the horse goes...but the judge is really judging the movements and manners of the horse related to how well you are riding him.


KALIN: Fran Goodzeit

MAGIC: Sarah Griner

TREVOR: Caroline Warde

ANGEL: Caroline Warde


Dracula: Dracula is a 7 or 8 year old black cat who is extremely friendly and cuddley. He will be a very good addition to the Spring Down barn cat society. He gets his name because he has two very large teeth in his lower jaw…..very cute!!

Tigger: Tigger is a very sweet, orange kitty who was found underneath a truck one day. The Nine Lives Foundation saved him, and we decided to adopt him to become a Spring Down barn cat:) Please say hi to Tigger next time you see him!


AVAILABLE NOW!! - New cards for new SD horses and felines!! The STARS of Spring Down who work tirelessly, patiently and lovingly to teach our riders how to ride. We couldn’t do what we do without our horses! They are trained to do a special job here, keeping new or experienced riders safe, as well as patiently guiding us to new challenges in the arena. Spring Down trading cards are now available: 2 for $5, and a complete set for $120.


There often is confusion about what equipment is allowed at Horse Shows. Let’s try to cover some of the basic rules here. SDEC follows all of the rules dictated by the USEF, and we are going to talk mainly about equipment that is used by SD horses. For the basic bridle, most SD bridles are OK as they are. Snaffles, and Pelhams are bits that are fine to use at a show. If your horse wears a flash noseband, like Sally,does, that is not allowed. Standing martingales are allowed, but germans are not—so you will notice that all horses who have a german will change to a standing for the show (and also the week before the show so they get used to it.) The reins need to be changed to a braided leather rein with no D rings. NO martingales are allowed in flat classes, or any class with a flat component such as Hunter Hack. All adult saddles are assigned to prevent mayhem the day of the show. If your horse has an Equipedic pad, it should be used because the horse’s back will be most comfortable for the long show day. No blue cotton pads should be worn. A flat leather girth should be used, but sometimes we make exceptions for certain horses. The horse should not wear any boots or wraps on their legs. It is OK to wear these for warm-up, but not for your show classes.


Spring Downs’ Rhythm and Blues Drill Team is now looking for new members for both the A and B teams!! Drill Team riding is a fabulous way to hone your riding skills, b/c riding to music makes everything better:) Keeping the rhythm and trying to follow patterns while riding just makes the other equitation skills fall into place more easily. The B team is a preparatory team, with riders who are generally less advanced and experienced. We do have a few very experienced riders, on the team though, who love to ride and share their skills with others!! The A team consists of more advanced riders, and for the most part drill experience is needed to be on this team. A few exceptions will be made for riders who have achieved a certain level of general riding expertise. A great preparation for drill team is coming to one of Carol Goodstein’s Hunt Seat Equitation clinics. These clinics are very popular, so do sign up early to reserve your spot!! During these clinics, Carol reviews in great detail all of the skills needed to ride your horse correctly, with proper equitation being stressed throughout the clinic. To ride drill team maneuvers well, all of the basic equitation skills are needed—so come join Carol in her next clinic over the Christmas Holidays. Please see the Spring Down office ASAP to sign up for this fabulous clinic!!


Spring Down will be continuing to offer group tack-up lessons as often as possible. The lessons are scheduled on a Sunday, at noon, for one hour. "Why take this lesson?," you may ask. At Spring Down, we teach comprehensive horsemanship, not just horseback riding. A very important component of horsemanship is understanding the equipment you are using on any given horse: both how it is put on, and how and why it works. The group tack-up lessons will allow time both for demonstration of the equipment that we use, and hands on practice with someone standing by for instruction and assistance. General grooming and equipment used for grooming will also be taught in the tack-up lesson. And, of course, as we are very safety conscious here at Spring Down, techniques for keeping both you and your horse safe will be taught so that everyone is safe and comfortable during the grooming and tacking-up procedures. Please see the office to schedule yourself into one of these tack up lessons. If you are unable to make the group lessons, a private lesson may be arranged. The group lessons are preferable, because the hour time will allow you to become familiar with more different types of equipment and also allows for more time to practice. A private lesson is the next best thing, however, if that is what your schedule will allow. It has always been a SD rule that, if you are about 12 years old or over, and you are capable of tacking up your horse, then you need to take a tack up lessons to learn how to do it safely. If you fit these requirements, but you chooses not to tack up for whatever reason, then you will be charged an additional $10 for tacking and also untacking your horse.


Please remember that Spring Down has a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel with 24 hours notice, you will be charged for your lesson. This means that, if you have a lesson at 12 noon on Wednesday, you need to cancel your lesson by 12 noon on Tuesday. If you call to cancel at 4PM on Tuesday, you will still be charged a late cancel feel. This policy exists because we need to plan our instructors and horses schedules in advance. We have reserved your teacher's time for you, your horse's time for you, and very often the horse has been tacked up by one of our grooms. Making an appointment for a lesson is a firm obligation, so please consider it as such, and give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you are not able to attend your lesson. When requesting a specific horse for a lesson, everyone needs to understand that it is just that: a request. The office will make every effort to honor that request, but sometimes we have ten requests for the same horse in a given day. Also, all the horses at Spring Down need to get exercise each and every day, so it is our responsibility to make sure that each horse gets ridden by someone (and that one horse doesn't get ridden too much). We try to match the horses and riders as best as possible, but please remember that each horse can teach you some new and different skills. Be flexible, and you'll be surprised at how many new horse friends you will acquire by branching out a bit...and at how much you will learn.



March 1

May 17th

September 20

December 6


March 24,25,26

June 30, July 1,2

October 19.20,21



WEEK 1: Dec. 22,23,24,26

WEEK 2: Dec. 29,30,31,Jan. 2

(There will be NO camp on Christmas Day or New Years Day)


February 16-20


April 6-10

April 13-17

April 20-24


MINI CAMPS - Our new monthly program "Crazy About Horses" has been quite successful for those that only have a day to spend with horses and get their "boots wet." It is a perfect option for the parent, friend, or grandparent to ride along with their horse crazy kid. The camp is from 10 AM - 2PM covering many aspects of horsemanship: safety around horses, horse management and care, grooming, understanding how to put on special equipment, a live demonstartion, and of course, RIDING! Be sure to sign up early as this program is very popular!

2015 DATES: March 14

GIRL SCOUT "HORSE RIDER" BADGE PROGRAMS- We've been working with the Girl Scouts of Northern California as an approved vendor. The standard Horse Rider badge is $45 per rider. We currently offer the Horse Rider and now Horse Fan badge to all troops. Each troop can earn 2 badges in one visit for a special price of $70 per rider. For the Brownies, we are offering the Horse and Pony Try It patch for those young scouts! Check our web site at http://www.springdown.com/groupevents/girlscouts/

15 FOR 15- Do you finally get in the groove after the first half of your lesson, and need just a little more time to figure out how to get things right? We are offering, during the slower times of the day (Mon - Fri, 9AM - 2PM) 15 extra minutes of lesson time for $15 dollars. If your instructor is availlable, the extra time can be just the ticket to boost your confidence. Contact the office within 24 hours of your lesson to see if the 15 for 15 is available for your next lesson!

The Holidays are Coming……

Please ask in the office about the “Holiday Grooms Fund.” This is a fund organized by Diane Allison, to help thank and support our fabulous and wonderful staff of grooms at this holiday season. Contribute a little or a lot, but do help because these guys work tirelessly all year long to take care of the wonderful horses that you ride and love.



Spring Down wants to acknowledge our primary part-time instructor staff—because all of these wonderful folks help to keep our lesson program strong and vibrant. Thanks to Sarah Griner, Cherie Hammer, Megan Nicholls, Erin Pittock, Taylor Ford, and Kore Chan…..and a great big WELCOME to our newest instructor, Melanie Norris! You are all fabulous, and Spring Down would not be the same without you!! To schedule a lesson with any of these terrific instructors, please see the Spring Down office for their availability. Melanie is a lovely young lady who trained originally at Spring Down Equestrian Center!! After going off to school, she is now back at home in California—here to help all of you learn about the wonderful world of equines!! Please check with the office for Melanie’s schedule, and come and take a lesson with her. One other person who continues to deserve accolades and recognition is Jennifer Dekker, the office manager at Spring Down. Jennifer is one of the folks that helps to hold Spring Down together, doing an extremely difficult job every day. Running the office at Spring Down can often be a tiring and thankless job, and the details that need to be managed can seem never ending. Jennifer does her job with skill, grace, and humor, and we thank her very much for all of her hard work!


Everyone has a favorite horse at Spring Down, and here we will mention some of these favorite horse’s ages:

Alexus: 26

Aurora: 23

Barnum: 28

Chiquita: 8

Carrot: 13

Goldi: 10

Leo: 11

Mystic: 20

Oreo: 9

Sally: 10

Sassy: 20

Skyler: 23

Sunshine: 12

Zoe: 20



This program has turned out to be a smashing success. It is a series of 3 classes designed to introduce the smallest member of your family to horses while spending some quality time with Mom or Dad. As a group, you'll be introduced to safety, horse's ground manners, and you will get comfortable around horses. We'll teach you all about their special equipment, grooming and tacking up, and learning to ride. Each class may include the use of a vaulting horse, grooming, a riding lesson, and a special lesson about some aspect of horsemanship, geared to the little ones.. The series is a scheduled class, so look for upcoming dates!

Please see the office for more info.

2015 DATES: Jan 6,13,20

May 5,12,19

This class is scheduled from 10:00AM to 11:30 AM. You may have the option to sign up for this program through Park and Rec—so check your local town to see if Spring Down offerings are available. Otherwise, you can just sign up through the Spring Down office by calling (650) 851-1114.


The Nine Lives Foundation (where Spring Down got Dracula and Tigger) is a non profit community-based organization dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from high kill shelters and at risk situations throughout Northern California, and placing them in permanent, loving homes. In addition to saving cats from senseless euthanasia, Nine Lives Foundation focuses on providing low cost spay/neuter surgeries for the community and other cat rescue organizations and supporting TNR (trap-neuter-return) of ferals and strays to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens born in our neighboring communities and consequently entering the Bay Area’s over-crowded shelters. The Nine Lives Foundation also provides low cost vaccination services, microchipping, and dental cleanings for cats only. Come and visit The Nine Lives Foundation and give a wonderful cat or kitten a forever home!!

3016 Rolison Road

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 368-1365

Are you ready to join a group?

            A frequently asked question is " When will I (or my child) be able to join a group?"  There is no one answer to that question, because every person, no matter how young or old, learns skills at a different rate.  In my experience as an instructor, the time may vary from just a few  months, to over a year or more.  But, there are a few key criteria from which we instructors judge whether or not joining a group is feasible:

1) Can you get your horse out of the stall to the arena, and back again after the lesson SAFELY AND CORRECTLY?  Parents, a hint to expedite this process for your smaller child is to learn how to do this too so that you can assist your child.  Be sure to wear appropriate shoes with a hard toe so your feet will be safe as well when assisting your child. There can sometimes be 6 or 7 folks in a group, and one instructor can not help everyone in the group to and from the stall.

2) You must be able to check and tighten your girth, and also adjust your stirrups MOSTLY BY YOURSELF.  This does not mean that your instructor will not help you at all, but it DOES mean that you must make a good effort to get as much done by yourself as you can. 

3) You must have good skills at mounting the horse safely.

4) You must be able to do a posting trot ON THE RAIL BY YOURSELF WITHOUT MUCH ASSISTANCE.  This includes being able to start, stop, and steer by yourself.

5) Do you know how  close you can safely get to the horse in front of you?  Do you know what to do if you think you will get too close, i.e. pass safely, cut across the arena, or circle safely?  Your instructors can assist with your refining these skills, but the basic knowledge and ability must be there.

6) A basic understanding of posting diagonals is necessary.  Of course, your instructor will continue to help you with this skill, but it must be understood by the rider.

7) Do you know how to dismount safely by yourself? Your instructor can not assist everyone in a group without taking too much time away from the lesson.

            There are, to recap, lots of requirements for being able to join a group.  The bottom line for the necessity of these requirements is to ensure the safety of all the riders.  Remember, there is only one instructor in a group, so each rider must possess the basic riding skills to ride responsibly and safely.

Do You Want To Jump?

            Our goal at Spring Down is to help people to acquire the skills to do whatever type of riding interests them.  Jumping is one part of the equestrian experience, and although it can be very exciting, it is also very demanding and challenging.
            It is essential that you have mastered your flat work before you start jumping.  After all, jumping is really advanced flat work with obstacles.  Having solid flat skills is vital for your safety and security.
            The following guidelines provide the minimum essentials that are required before you are able to safely and securely start jumping:

1)  Must be able to maintain good balance, steering, and control of the horse at all gaits:  walk, trot, and canter.

2)  Must be able to walk and trot without stirrups.  The instructor should not notice any difference in leg position or effectiveness with or without stirrups.

3)  Two-point seat must be strong and balanced, with the ability to do poles at the trot and canter.

4)  Must be able to stay in two-point seat at the canter three times around the indoor arena, or one time around the big, jumping

5)  Must be able to execute circles at the canter effectively.

6)  Must be able to drop and regain stirrups at all gaits.

7)  Must know diagonals and leads.

8)  Must have a basic knowledge of simple and flying lead changes.

The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains!!

When you have a love for something, you want to share it with everybody!! My love is for horses. I feel they are important to us. I want to see them go on. There is something about a horse that brings out the best in people. Carol Goodstein


Dear Carol,

SMCHA’s 65th Annual Open Horse Show at the Horse Park in August was a huge success because of your generous sponsorship. We could not have done it without you! Your generosity toward the entire SMCHA club and equine community are certainly appreciated. Of course, Carol, extra big thanks for the English riding Clinic, which was thoroughly enjoyed by those that attended. You are the best!!

Cheryl Basin

SMCHA President and Horse Show Chair

Thank You for Joining Us!

Portola Valley Day of the Horse

We would like to give a hearty thanks to you all for participating in Portola Valleys 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Horse on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014. It was such a success, with lots of people and– most important of all—families with kids. We are so appreciative of you all, from the volunteers, the exhibitors, our local vet, those who brought their equines to show, and last but not least, to our dear town who supported us intricate process to make the day a safe and fun experience.< Thank you Carol, for Spring Down’s participation at our < and guided us through the event!!Your booth was a great success!!

Ellie Ferarri

Dear Carol—

Thank you so much for ensuring that Steffi had such a wonderful riding experience during her visit to Portola Valley. She was so happy with her progress. And, of course, she fell in love with Dina. She is eager to return. It was a wonderful experience for me, too. It took me gack 40 years to the days when YOU found Blackjack and you trained Liz and Danny. Thanks for all < you did then, and thanks for the memories.

Fondly, Lina Swisher

Dear Carol—

We hope this note finds you well. We are writing to tell you that Abby and I are profoundly grateful for six years of awesome riding and instruction at Spring Down. Built with you, Abby’s foundation will always be strong in the saddle, thanks to your guidance in Hunter Jumper principles.

All the Best, Abby and Rachael Ramsey

Thank You for Joining Us!

Woodside Day of the Horse

The tradition of great weather for the Bay Area's best Progressive Ride and Horse Fair continued. Blue skies welcomed the over 250 "RIDERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD" and over 1000 fair attendees who all joined in celebrating our equine friends. We are always grateful for your generosity which has allowed WHOA! to support a growing list of projects and causes in the area. Last year we donated to community groups that offer riding experiences to under-served children and war veterans, supported trail maintenance and more. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you for helping us sustain the vision of horses in the community for generations to come.


Read the previous issue of the Spring Down Low Down: Summer 2014

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