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November 24th, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This is a good time to give thanks for family, friends, and our wonderful equine companions. Let us remember, this up and coming Holiday Season, who are the folks who work so hard every day to take care of our amazing Spring Down Stars.....our staff of grooms:) These guys work all day, every day, very quietly and behind the scenes, to take excellent care of the horses. They are always willing, no matter how busy they are, to help anyone who needs help with their horse - especially the small children. Please take a moment to ask in the office about the Holiday Grooms fund! This is a fund, spear headed by Diane Allison, to raise some extra money for all of our wonderful grooms during the Holiday Season. Please donate whatever you can to this fund - there is an envelope in the SD office for your donations. Cash is best, but if you need to write a check, please make it out to "Diane Allison." She will then take the checks and cash them, adding those monies to the cash already accumulated. At the end of the Holiday Season, each groom will get a special card with their gift, along with a complete list of whoever contributed to their gift. Spring Down is such a special community - let's all come together and support our grooms!!

Please remember everyone - we are ONLY CLOSED on Thanksgiving DAY, Christmas DAY, and NY Day. We are open all all other 362 days of the year!!!

Come one, come all to our fabulous December Horse Show!! This show is the culmination of the year 2015, so we will be announcing the winner of the 2015 Medal Prize during the show!! It's always very exciting to see who wins!! Come and support all your friends who are getting out there and showing - best of luck to all of our Spring Down competitors. We DO need more folks to be in our Lead Line Class - if you have a little one who is just starting out to ride, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the world of horse shows. See the SD office for more information.

Sign up NOW for our Holiday Camp. Our Holiday Camps are super fun, and because the camps are smaller and more intimate, it is possible to sign up by the day if desired. There is no camp on Christmas Day, or New Year's Day - but there IS camp on Christmas Eve and NY Eve!