Spring Down Equestrian Center

Safety Clinic

With Carol Goodstein

Did you know that 80% of the serious accidents with horses happen when mounting and dismounting?

Carol Goodstein will be giving a hands on pre-mounting safety clinic and everyone who rides horses should know her seven steps to mounting safely. Each participant in this clinic will have their own SDEC horse with which to work. Space and horses will be limited, so sign up now to reserve your horse and space.

Topics include:

· How a horse thinks and relates to its handler/rider - join up demo
· How to catch, lead, groom, tie and tack-up safely
· Pre-ride safety exercises before mounting
· How to teach a horse to stand quietly when mounted
(How to mount and dismount safely and check tack before mounting)
· How to take precaution against a spook, rear, buck or other violent behavior
· How to stop a run away horse - pulley rein or 1-rein stop
· How to punish a horse safely
· How to teach a horse to go on the bit
· What to do if your horse will not go forward
(When and how to use a crop and spurs, what to do before mounting if horse is lazy)
· Safety equipment that can aid the rider
· How to do an emergency dismount
· How to ask a horse to walk backwards

Dates: November 24th, 2017
Time: 10am - 12pm
Cost: $125 per person

Contact the office to sign up.