Spring Down Equestrian Center

What Makes Spring Down Unique

Our vision

What makes Spring Down unique is our ability to provide clients with quality professional services and facilities, all within a laid-back, family friendly environment. We cater to new riders who want a solid introduction to the Hunter/Jumper world as well as seasoned riders who have chosen to return to pleasure riding after years on the A Show Circuit.

School horses at Spring Down

Here at Spring Down, we stress the importance of seeing our horses more as companions, and less as competitive animals. Although we do host five shows each year, and we attend a handful of away shows, showing with Spring Down is viewed more as a fun experience and less as a way of life.

Spring Down fully supports the ambitions of those students who seek more advanced levels of riding and competition. In Carol’s own career, she had great success on the A Show Circuit and has competed over the higher fences. At one point Carol enjoyed the experience thoroughly, however, after many years in that world, she chose to return to a philosophy which focuses more on the pleasure side of the equestrian world, which is what Spring Down is all about.

Please remember that at Spring Down the philosophy is to have fun while remaining as safe as possible while working with horses. Typically, Spring Down school horses do not jump higher than 2 feet, never jumping higher than 2’6” (except just before or during a show). This decision was made long ago in an effort to prevent avoidable injuries to Spring Down horses. Spring Down also believes that even over the lower fences there is always more to learn and room to improve.