Spring Down Equestrian Center

Intermediate Camp

Intermediate Camp at Spring Down is geared toward those riders who are very strong at the walk, trot, and canter. Rider should be strong at both trotting and cantering in two point position. Ideally, the rider should be currently jumping in their regular lessons - or at least on the verge of being ready to jump. Basic understanding of lead changes, either simple or flying changes, is preferable. This camp is not for beginning riders, and if your rider currently does not ride at Spring Down but would like to participate in this Intermediate Camp, doing one evaluation lesson is recommended to ensure proper placement of the rider in the appropriate camp. Please call the Spring Down office at (650) 851-1114 to arrange this lesson - no lessons can be booked on line. Please remember this camp is just Monday through Thursday.

$495 for one week
Download the Intermediate Camp 2015 application (PDF document)
Note: Separate checks, whether deposit, or payment in full, are required for each camp session.
Camp hours: 12pm to 3pm

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