Spring Down Equestrian Center

Birthday Parties and Special Celebrations

Celebrate your birthday or special event on horse back!  Let us organize a special birthday party or celebration for you at our beautiful equestrian facility!  We teach every guest how to work around horses, groom, mount and dismount, ride and guide their own horse, whatever experience you have. Each horse will have an individual helper on the ground to ensure we are safe and will receive individual private attention. Minimum age is 6 years old. Minimum number of participants is 6.  $65 per participant. (Previous rate was $55 per participant. Change effective 12/1/17.)

We offer a special craft option of making a magnetic horse frame and taking a picture with your group or individual pictures with your favorite horse. This option is an additional $5 per participant.

Also, please remember that these celebrations are happening in an equestrian center, around horses. So, it is a good idea to keep the activities to ones that are relatively quiet and relaxing, and not those that may spook the horses. Balloons are not recommended because they may fly loose or pop unexpectedly. Pinatas are not recommended either because this is an acitivity that is very loud and erratatic and may spook the horses. These are only two examples of things that are not recommended activites at our group events, so please check with the office if you have any activities such as these to see if they are allowed. Generally speaking, we are trying to encourage behavior around the horses that will promote a safe and positive experience for all concerned.

Contact the office at 650-851-1114 to book your event. We highly recommend that you book your event in advance. We reserve 11:30-1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays for these scheduled events.

Download the registration form, medical information and hold harmless form to help with your booking.