Spring Down Equestrian Center

Corporate Events

Explore the human-horse connection and learn to see the world through a horse’s eyes here at Spring Down

In your time at Spring Down, the world of equines and horsemanship will be introduced and experienced with the following program:

A comprehensive discussion/video demonstration about safety around horses

A demonstration of leadership with horses, and why it is important - by Carol Goodstein, the owner and CEO of Spring Down, including the following:

  • Discussion about safety around horses
  • Basic training techniques – love, language, and leadership by establishing respect and trust
  • Horse psychology and why horses think and react the way they do
  • Horse body language and what they are trying to tell us
  • How to groom and tack up a horse, with hands on participation



  • Two hours, with time TBD


  • $95 per person, for 3-6 people
  • $85 per person, for 7or more people

Please provide your own foot wear – a hard-toed shoe/boot with a one inch heel
Riding helmets required – helmets are available to borrow at Spring Down

To make a booking please contact the office.